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CDE Program in January 5, 2020 at MDA Hall

Continuing Dental Education (CDE)

Topic 1

Abstract: The short clinical crown length is the major problem for retention of crown and bridge cases.
To solve this problm, the clinical procedure for crown lengthening can be done by general dentist or periodontist. The procedure is used to expose the greater amount of tooth structure and bone for the purpose of subsequently restoring the tooth prosthodontically. However other indications include accessing subgingival caries and to treart aesthetic disproportions such as gummy smile.

Topic 2

Abstract: Endodontics is the routine daily procedure in dental practise. General dentist can do adult endodontic. Children endodontics and retrearment procedures in their practise. They shoule know the basic dental anatomy and modern concepts in endodontics. When general dentist can perform above procedure, the revenue will be increased. The used of rubber dum is essential. The important point is to perform the modern endodontics procedure safely and high standard in the field of dentistry. Armamentarium is inportant point of view for example. Hand files, Rotary files, Apex locator, Root canal filling instrument and materail.

Dr. Tin Latt
B.D.S,DDS, F.R.S.H(london)
Diploma in Orthodontics (POS)

Date: 5.1.2020(Sunday)
Time: 9:00 am to 12:00

Venue: MDA Hall,
No. 582, Thanthumar Road, Thingangyun Township